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A Plan for the Borough: 2024-2028

A Plan for the Borough: 2024-2028

Doing things differently

“Everyone should work together and communicate with each other and follow up with each person who interacts with the organisation.”  Join the conversation respondent

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To make a difference and to achieve our ambitions we need to work differently, particularly as the money we have available for local services is not sufficient to meet our challenges.  We want to bring fundamental change to the way we work together across the borough. The seven big shifts we want to make are as follows:

How we will make a difference 

  • opportunities for people to have their say and play their part, we are more likely to spend money where we need to. In addition, people want to be more involved in owning the solution to any challenges they face in their lives rather than relying on a service. If we work together, we can help more local people help themselves.

    Case Study

    Cheshire West and Chester is a cooperative council, committed to building an equal partnership with local people.  The Council works in line with the values and principles of the International Co-operative Alliance, working with partners on challenges such as digital inclusion and making the voice of lived experience heard in decision-making. 

    Social Partnership

    Democratic Engagement


    Enterprise and social economy

    Maximising social value

    Community leadership and a  new role for Councillors

    New models of meeting priority needs



    Walking the talk

  • We want to shift more focus towards prevention and tackling the root causes of the challenges people have in their lives. 

  • The role of digital and artificial intelligence is changing the way we live our lives and will continue to do so. We want to embrace the opportunities to ensure that we use technology to make services more responsive, effective, secure, and accessible.

  • We will use the assets across the public estate to help deliver our goals.

  • Underpinning all the above will be a culture change and skills programme for our valued public service workforce. The design of our future workforce will be a key consideration, including our approach to recruitment and retention and giving our workforce the tools and skills that they will need.

  • We will develop effective and impactful partnerships based on trust, openness and clear communication, aligned to common goals which strengthen communities.  We will use these stronger partnerships to promote ‘keep it local’ procurement and employment principles. 

  • We will remain strong stewards of the public purse and continue to take action to ensure we are resilient for the long term.

How we can all play our part

Working alongside our communities to make west Cheshire more resilient

Scaling up our approach to prevention

Taking our approach to using digital and insight to the next level

Transforming our land and buildings

A workforce for the future

Building stronger partnerships across the borough:

Remaining focused on financial resilience

Our part

Your part

  • Get online if you can and access services digitally.

  • Have your say on how local services could be more effective and efficient.

  • Treat your services and public servants with mutual respect.

  • Tell us when we get things right and also when we don’t.

How we can all play our part

Our part

Helping more children and young people secure a good or better education

Ensuring our education and support is inclusive

Promoting the health and wellbeing of our children and young people

Enhancing our approach to early help and prevention for families

Delivering the best possible care for children and young people

Supporting children in care and care leavers

Your part

Encourage the children in your life engage with the five ways to wellbeing.

Build positive relationships with the children in your life and make time to talk about what matters to them.

Take up your free early education entitlement.

Make sure the children in your life get the vaccinations they’re entitled to.

Apply for school places within the national schools admissions timeframe.

ensure your child attends school regularly.

Volunteer with organisations that support young people to thrive.

Consider whether you could foster or adopt.

Seek early advice and intervention for any concerns you may have about your child.

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